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147.340+ (100hz)
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Views: 34 Replies: 1
Date: 01/31/16 16:28:33 By: Allen
Repeater use. Log contact or not? Also, when you are the net control, are all participants in the net considered contacts for you as an individual or are you acting as club representative and therefore the contacts belong to the club? (...Log in to Read More...)

Extra Class

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Date: 09/05/15 04:29:09 By: Tim K8HMK
The Hazel Park Amateur Radio Club will host an Extra Class Amateur License Course

WHEN: Mondays, from September 21, 2015 to December 14, 2015

TIME: 7 PM to 9 PM for 14 weeks

Enjoyed field day

Views: 10 Replies: 1
Date: 06/29/15 17:21:52 By: Dar
Enjoyed my time at the field day saturday, even though it was very stressful :-)

Am now able to listen to your repeater. Not much activity but at least I know how to access it. Hoping my license shows on the list this week. When it does (...Log in to Read More...)

70Cm Repeater

Views: 17 Replies: 3
Date: 06/14/15 18:26:43 By: Tim K8HMK
I was wondering if there was something wrong with the 70 CM antenna/Repeater? On the net last Thursday (6/11/15,) I tried to key up the repeater south of Fenton (yes behind Denton Hill at my parents I know it was a long shot there). I couldn't open (...Log in to Read More...)

Ham Equipment

Views: 27 Replies: 3
Date: 04/14/15 14:06:39 By: Tim K8HMK
Is there anywhere in the state that sells ham radio equipment? Specifically coax or antennas? examples; comet, diamond, or any other main brands? (...Log in to Read More...)


Views: 45 Replies: 8
Date: 12/28/14 16:05:32 By: Tim
So I am actually getting my very own FT1DR Yaesu protable. So this has digital capabilities that are different than the D-Star that is out in our area. My question is does anyone have a digital Yaesu? My next radio will be a mobile and I probably w (...Log in to Read More...)

Field Day 2013

Views: 13 Replies: 0
Date: 06/17/13 08:08:00 By: Jeffrey
The 2013 Field Day location is at the QTH of K8KZB and WA8MY, (Address in or on the Field Day Packet in the June Static)


Jeff and Amy (...Log in to Read More...)

Repeater Service

Views: 8 Replies: 0
Date: 01/21/13 12:41:09 By: Jeffrey
I went up to the repeater site today and with the help of Amy (WA8MY) and my duaghter Sarah, we were able to fix the linked audio.

Right now the repeater has no more service needs and is fully operational. (...Log in to Read More...)

Security Changes to the Forum

Views: 19 Replies: 3
Date: 01/10/13 09:47:03 By: Jeffrey
I have changed the Security for the Website so that we don't have as many "security image" verifications when posting to the Forum.

If this works good then I will enable it for the rest of the site and will update this topic when it is.< (...Log in to Read More...)

Straight Key Night

Views: 3 Replies: 0
Date: 12/20/12 18:58:30 By: Jeffrey
Don't forget to blow the dust off your straight key for the ARRL SKN beginning 00:00 utc on Jan 1st ( 7pm Dec 31st local time ).

Bring your log to club night to see who made the most Q's (...Log in to Read More...)

Field day

Views: 19 Replies: 1
Date: 06/17/12 16:55:22 By: Jeffrey
The field day site is mowed and ready for this coming weeks activities. I will be hanging out on Thursday doing a little setup while I wait on the porta potty. I have the Mosley tribander parts down and am hoping to get that up in the air. No rotor s (...Log in to Read More...)

Website Improvements

Views: 19 Replies: 2
Date: 01/22/12 15:40:15 By: Jeffrey

Just thought that I would fill you in on some changes to the website. We now have a Club Nets Page that allows the Net Controller to log a net through the website and anyone can check to see who has been active on the nets.
< (...Log in to Read More...)

Get Your Technician License

Views: 26 Replies: 3
Date: 12/11/11 06:56:19 By: Amy
I've set up another Tech Class starting Feb 20, 2012. Please see the "Getting Your License" tab on our home page for more details. Please help us spread the word... we need to have 4 students registered by Feb 12th in order to hold classes. (...Log in to Read More...)

Amateur Radio Newsline

Views: 10 Replies: 1
Date: 07/19/11 19:10:35 By: Gerald
Ham radio podcast on the internet. is a weekly news magazine on about ham radio. (...Log in to Read More...)

Mobile Radio suggestion

Views: 25 Replies: 2
Date: 06/27/11 20:53:39 By: William
I currently have a Kenwood TM-241a as my 2 meter mobile unit. Unfortunately it seems to be flaking out on me and I just think it's best to get a new radio so I'm looking for suggestions. I'm interested in a dual band 2m and 70cm mobile radio that I (...Log in to Read More...)

Ham Tips

Views: 22 Replies: 3
Date: 06/19/11 19:27:06 By: Amy
I'm always unsure what UTC time we're on. Is there a program I could run on my computer with a UTC time that handles the new US Time Zone dates? (...Log in to Read More...)

1953 tornado

Views: 20 Replies: 1
Date: 06/09/11 20:53:37 By: Jim
I was W0EZW, age 14 and with a general class license, when my parents drove from Denver to Flint to visit my grandparents in June, 1953.

The Beecher tornado had just come through, and the GCRC had already set up in a field (...Log in to Read More...)

Ideas for Club Night

Views: 20 Replies: 1
Date: 04/21/11 06:03:38 By: Bruce
Fm WB6NST: Any one have some subject they would see more info in a presentation just send me an email or post here on the FORUM. Remember these are 2 way presentations. Bruce (...Log in to Read More...)

Michigan QSO Party

Views: 10 Replies: 2
Date: 04/16/11 08:35:26 By: Jeffrey
Amy and I are all set to try the QSO Party today. Don't forget to put Genesee County Radio Club - W8ACW under Club so that we get the points towrds the Club Competition.

73 and good luck!!! (...Log in to Read More...)

The New Website Transfer Is Complete

Views: 8 Replies: 1
Date: 03/04/11 08:04:15 By: Jeffrey
We have finished migrating over to the new website so we have turned off the old website that was on the server.

If you have any suggestions or want to report any bugs then please email either Jeff (K8KZB) or Chuck (KD8HEK), our (...Log in to Read More...)

Membership Info

Views: 13 Replies: 1
Date: 02/28/11 05:54:39 By: Amy
As we get started with the new club website, I started with the active membership that has been in touch with me in the last few years. If you don't see your name in the Membership Roster, please send an email to and I'll get the (...Log in to Read More...)

How to post to this forum

Views: 19 Replies: 0
Date: 02/23/11 15:47:17 By: Jeffrey
In order for you to post to this forum you must be a registered user on the website. We ask that you keep topics related to Amateur Radio and that you do not use fowl language.

73 - GCRC Moderator (...Log in to Read More...)