Genesee County Radio Club
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147.340+ (100hz)
444.200+ (107.2hz)

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Genesee County Radio Club
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147.340+ (100hz)
444.200+ (107.2hz)
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Club Repeaters

The Genesee County Radio Club owns and operates two repeaters that cover the greater Flint area. Both repeaters are located on top of the Hurley Hospital in Flint and are maintained by members of the radio club. The 2 meter repeater consists of a modified Motorola micon for transmit and receive, an ACC-96 repeater controller, 6 cavity duplexer and a dual band vertical by Comet. The 70cm repeater consists of two alinco DR-435 mobile units, one for transmit and one for receive, an ACC-850 repeater controller, 3 cavity duplexer and a commercial 70cm antenna that was donated to the club.

Both repeaters are open to any licensed amateur radio operator to use at any time, we do ask that you follow the repeater etiquette and Part 97 rules pertaining to repeater use.

Repeater Etiquette:

· Basics:

  • When using phone mode speak in plain English.

  • Use the correct official phonetic alphabet when identifying.

  • Listen to see if the frequency is in use before you call. If in doubt, ask, "Is the frequency in use your call".

  • Don't call CQ, just "your call Listening".

  • Use "Break" only in emergencies.

  • To interrupt give your call sign between the other stations transmissions.

  • Acknowledge a station interrupting and turn it over to them as soon as possible. It just might be an emergency.

  • Pause between transmissions to hear the squelch tail of the repeater to let someone else in.

  • If several hams are talking pass it off by saying the person's name or call to pass it off to.

  • If you wonder if you can hit the repeater, don't kerchunk it. Give "your call testing".

  • Run on the lowest necessary power to operate, but don't try to call in on a very low power HT when everyone tells you it is unreadable. Increase your power. Ask for a signal report before you go too much further with your conversation. Remember that the goal is quality communications.

· Basic repeater traffic priorities:
  1. Emergency and Priority Traffic.

  2. System test or maintenance.

  3. Public Service (Skywarn etc....)

  4. Fixed stations should ensure that mobiles and portable stations have priority
    (especially if you can go to simplex).

  5. Fixed stations.
  • Follow FCC identification rules. You have to do it every 10 minutes but not necessary to start a conversation with a local station.

  • Remember that nothing is private on the air. If you have something private to talk about use the telephone (on both ends).

  • Don't think out loud, your mind may be in idle but the repeater could be used during that time.

  • Use extreme caution and it is even better not to repeat what you hear on police frequencies over the repeater. There are laws concerning the public dissemination of information from scanners. Informing the Skywarn net that "they are reporting trees down" in a specific area might be okay.

· Nets
  • The Net Control is called that because that is what they are supposed be in, control.

  • Call when called upon unless you are declaring an emergency. If you are late then wait for the call for late check-ins.